How can you identify the collaboration level in your team and what can you do to improve it?
When you are responsible for the well-being & development of a team this is a question that you are probably facing.

Identifying stages of team development
There are a large number of different theories & models for identifying group behaviour, such as cohesiveness and conflict handling. One of the models that is often used, is Bruce Tuckman‘s model of group development stages.

Improving your team
As Tuckman describes in his model, a team will have to go through all the described phases in order to grow, to face up to challenges, to tackle problems, to find solutions, to plan work, and to deliver results.
In other words, a strong team has gone through all the phases and continuously guards that it will not slip back into a previous stage.

Gaming through the Tuckman stages
You can encourage your team to make a next growth step on the Tuckman model by facilitating team-sessions where people give each other personal feedback.
We have developed a card game that can help you go through the Tuckman-stages:

  • Download the Dutch version of the game here.
  • We are still working on the English version of the game (will be available soon).