How to implement your Product Backlog?

Product Backlog

One of the most important artifacts in Scrum is the Product Backlog. It is owned by the Product Owner and should be the single source for any changes that you make to your product.

The Scrum Guide tells us WHAT a Scrum Team should do with the Product Backlog to guarantee that we are continuously focusing on building the highest value features each Sprint. What the Scrum Guide doesn’t tell us is HOW to implement this Backlog and how it is used on a day to day basis.

People ofthen struggle with HOW to implement a good Product Backlog.
If you are also strugling with this and want to get some ideas to improve your Product Backlog, then you should definitely download my whitepaper on this topic.
The whitepaper contains a number of best practices and examples on how to setup a good Product Backlog, make it transparant to your stakeholders and create a usefull Release Burndown.

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