Agile Leadership

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I believe that organizations in this complex, fast moving, 21st century can only survive when everyone’s full potential and creativity is unleashed. Bright ideas can only come from engaged and skilled employees!

We need new leadership

You will not see the real benefits of frameworks like Scrum or Kanban if you don’t upgrade your leadership!
As an Agile leader, you need to create an environment, where:

  • People are more important than ideas
  • Teams continuously focus on building high quality, high value solutions for customers
  • People continuously improve and develop each other
  • People trust each other, even when they do screw up
  • Failure is a necessary consequence of doing something new

Developing Leadership

My mission is to create organizations where people love to work and create value to the world. Our organization Evolutionary Leadership is all focused on realising this mission by developing Leadership on all levels in the organization.

Guiding Learning Journeys

My other organization Agile Leadership School helps people develop their Agile leadership skills and knowledge, to help their organization deliver the highest value possible. In this way people will love their work and customers love working with them.