Ron Eringa

My mission is to create organizations where people love to work and create value to the world.

I’m realising this mission by developing Leadership on all levels in the organization:

  • By creating autonomous and mature teams
  • By developing leadership in teams and at the management level
  • By helping management to create an environment where teams can become autonomous

A number of roles contribute to achieving this mission:

  • As trainer for and founder of Agile Leadership School I guide people in gaining the required leadership skills and knowledge for a mature Agile organization.
  • As leadership consultant and co-founder of Evolutionary Leadership I develop team-based organizations that focus on creating the highest possible customer value.
  • As writer and public speaker I frequently share my experiences on leadership development.



Founder at Agile Leadership School: Your guide to inspiring leadership.

Partner & co-founder

Partner and co-founder at Evolutionary Leadership: Evolving organizations for tomorrow’s generation

Leadership Developer

Leadership Developer, developing and guiding Leadership Journeys

IT Delivery manager

IT Delivery manager at Eneco BTO Belgium

PAL-E steward

Steward for developing the Professional Agile Leadership – Essentials course (PAL-E license)

Agile Leadership consultant

Self-employed Leadership Developer.


PSPO license

Professional Scrum Trainer (PSPO license)

Agile\Leadership consultant

Agile coach\Leadership consultant guiding Agile transformations


Scrum Master

Scrum Master\Project manager for a number of Scrum teams


Professional Scrum Trainer

Professional Scrum Trainer (PSM license)

Scrum Master

Scrum Master using Scrum, Kanban & Lean practices


Agile Software Developer

Software Developer in a Scrum team.


Software Developer

Software Developer in traditional waterfall environments.